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This set of docker images supports a demonstration of the TIER architecture, and how it can be used for role-based access control (RBAC) in a complex setting. For more information about this demo, see Tier Canvas Provisioning Demo - TechEx 2017

` The Group Docker image is based on Unicon's work, and contains a fully built Ldap, MySql, and Grouper environment. The Grouper component has the Grouper UI, Grouper Web Services, and an active Grouper Daemon which runs the Grouper Loader and PSP modules.

This image does not follow best Docker practices. It is intended from demo/class usage. It can also be useful for use as a base image for Grouper development.


To build the demo:


In order to configure the Canvas provisioning components, you'll need a Canvas instance and will need to generate an API key. Please see Getting Started With the Canvas API for more information about this.

There are a number of containers in the demo, so you may need to increase RAM devoted to Docker. The demo seems to run well with 4 CPUs and 4GB.


To run the demo:

$ docker-compose up

You can log into the Grouper UI with "banderson/password". The account is a sysadmin. Also available is "jsmith/password", which has no explicit privs. There are lots of "user" accounts that have dumby course memberships.

TODO: change admin account to "tieradmin"?

The LDAP admin bind account is "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=edu/password". The MySql admin account is "root/".

This will build each container needed.




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