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  • Do checkin source (src)
  • Do checkin a single index.js file after running ncc
  • Do not checking node_modules


In order to avoid uploading node_modules to the repository, we use zeit/ncc to create multiple index.js files that gets saved under dist/. There are two main files that get created

  • dist/setup/index.js
    • Core setup-java logic that downloads and installs an appropriate version of Java
    • Handling creating a settings.xml file to make it easier to publish packages
  • dist/cleanup/index/js
    • Extra cleanup script that is used to remove GPG keys (needed for certain self-hosted runner scenarios)

If you're developing locally, after doing npm install, you can use the following commands

npm run build # runs tsc along with ncc
npm run format # runs prettier --write
npm run format-check # runs prettier --check
npm run test # runs jest
npm run release # add all the necessary ncc files under dist/* to the git staging area

Any files generated using tsc will be added to lib/*, however those files also are not uploaded to the repository and are excluded using .gitignore.


Tests are included under _tests_/* and can be run using npm run-script test.

We ask that you include a link to a successful run that utilizes the changes you are working on. For example, if your changes are in the branch newAwesomeFeature, then show an example run that uses setup-python@newAwesomeFeature or my-fork@newAwesomeFeature. This will help speed up testing and help us confirm that there are no breaking changes or bugs.


This repository uses a tool called Licensed to verify third party dependencies. You may need to locally install licensed and run licensed cache to update the dependency cache if you install or update a production dependency. If licensed cache is unable to determine the dependency, you may need to modify the cache file yourself to put the correct license. You should still verify the dependency, licensed is a tool to help, but is not a substitute for human review of dependencies.