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# Limitations

### Zipped Artifact Downloads

During a workflow run, files are uploaded and downloaded indivdually using the `upload-artifact` and `download-artifact` actions. However, when a workflow run finishes and an artifact is downloaded from either the UI or through the [download api](, a zip is dynamically created with all the file contents that were uploaded. There is currently no way to download artifacts after a workflow run finishes in a format other than a zip or to download artifact contents individually. One of the consequences of this limitation is that if a zip is uploaded during a workflow run and then downloaded from the UI, there will be a double zip created.

### Permission Loss

:exclamation: File permissions are not maintained during artifact upload :exclamation: For example, if you make a file executable using `chmod` and then upload that file, post-download the file is no longer guaranteed to be set as an executable.

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