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COmanage Registry Base Image

Intended to build a COmanage Registry base image using the official PHP with Apache image as the foundation.

By itself the image built from this Dockerfile does not provide any method for authentication and is not suitable for deployment.

The image built from this Dockerfile is used as the base for images that include an authentication mechanism. See other documentation in this repository for examples on how to build images on this one that include authentication methods like Basic Auth, Shibboleth SP, and mod_auth_openidc.

Build Arguments

Building the image requires the following build argument:

--build-arg COMANAGE_REGISTRY_VERSION=<COmanage Registry version number>


docker build \
    --build-arg COMANAGE_REGISTRY_VERSION=<COmanage Registry version number> \
    -t comanage-registry-base:<tag> .

Building Example

docker build \
  -t comanage-registry-base:${TAG} .
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