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This repository contains sources for TIER-supported [midPoint]( image.
The image contains the midPoint application along with some TIER-specific components: Apache reverse proxy with optional Shibboleth filter and TIER Beacon.
# Supported tags
- latest
- midPoint version-specific branches, e.g. 3.9, 3.9.1, 4.0, etc.
# Content
- the root directory contains build instructions for the `midpoint` image
- `demo` directory contains a couple of demonstration scenarios:
- `simple` to show simple composition of midPoint with the repository,
- `shibboleth` to show integration with Shibboleth IdP,
- `postgresql` to show how to use alternative dockerized repository,
- `extrepo` to show how to use external repository,
- `grouper` to demonstrate more complex deployment of midPoint in a sample university environment, featuring midPoint along with Grouper, LDAP directory, RabbitMQ, Shibboleth IdP, source and target systems.
# Build instructions
$ ./
You can then continue with one of demo compositions.
# Documentation
Please see the [Getting Started with midPoint]( wiki page.
This is a work in progress, suitable for workbench experiments and integration trials.