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# Grouper Configuration
# $Id:,v 1.48 2009-12-16 06:02:30 mchyzer Exp $
# Grouper uses Grouper Configuration Overlays (documented on wiki)
# By default the configuration is read from
# (which should not be edited), and the overlays
# the base settings. See the for the possible
# settings that can be applied to the
#if groups like the wheel group should be auto-created for convenience (note: check config needs to be on)
configuration.autocreate.system.groups = true
# A wheel group allows you to enable non-GrouperSystem subjects to act
# like a root user when interacting with the registry.
groups.wheel.use = true
# Set to the name of the group you want to treat as the wheel group.
# The members of this group will be treated as root-like users. = etc:sysadmingroup
# Used to allow Include Exclude groups
grouperIncludeExclude.use = true
grouperIncludeExclude.requireGroups.use = true
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