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#!/usr/bin/env bats
load ../../../common
load ../../../library
@test "000 Cleanup before running the tests" {
(cd ../simple ; docker-compose down -v)
(cd ../shibboleth ; docker-compose down -v)
docker-compose down -v
@test "010 Initialize and start the composition" {
docker ps -a >> /tmp/log
docker ps
! (docker ps | grep -E "shibboleth_(idp|directory)_1|complex_(midpoint-server|midpoint-data)_1|simple_(midpoint-server|midpoint-data)_1")
cp tests/resources/sql/* sources/container_files/seed-data/
docker-compose up -d --build
@test "020 Wait until components are started" {
touch $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started
wait_for_midpoint_start complex_midpoint-server_1 complex_midpoint-data_1
wait_for_shibboleth_idp_start complex_idp_1
rm $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started
# TODO wait for shibboleth, grouper-ui, (also something other?)
@test "040 Check midPoint health" {
if [ -e $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started ]; then skip 'not started'; fi
@test "050 Check Shibboleth IDP health" {
if [ -e $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started ]; then skip 'not started'; fi
@test "060 Check Grouper health" {
if [ -e $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started ]; then skip 'not started'; fi
skip TODO
@test "100 Get 'administrator'" {
if [ -e $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started ]; then skip 'not started'; fi
get_and_check_object users 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000002 administrator
@test "110 And and get 'test110'" {
if [ -e $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started ]; then skip 'not started'; fi
echo "<user><name>test110</name></user>" >/tmp/test110.xml
add_object users /tmp/test110.xml
rm /tmp/test110.xml
search_and_check_object users test110
# TODO delete user after
@test "200 Upload objects" {
if [ -e $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started ]; then skip 'not started'; fi
pwd >&2
search_and_check_object objectTemplates template-org-course
search_and_check_object objectTemplates template-org-department
search_and_check_object objectTemplates template-role-affiliation
search_and_check_object objectTemplates template-role-generic-group
# TODO check other objects that were uploaded
@test "210 Test resource" {
if [ -e $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started ]; then skip 'not started'; fi
test_resource 0a37121f-d515-4a23-9b6d-554c5ef61272
test_resource 6dcb84f5-bf82-4931-9072-fbdf87f96442
test_resource 13660d60-071b-4596-9aa1-5efcd1256c04
test_resource 4d70a0da-02dd-41cf-b0a1-00e75d3eaa15
@test "220 Import SIS_PERSONS" {
if [ -e $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started ]; then skip 'not started'; fi
add_object tasks midpoint-objects-manual/tasks/task-import-sis-persons.xml
search_and_check_object tasks "Import from SIS persons"
wait_for_task_completion 22c2a3d0-0961-4255-9eec-c550a79aeaaa 6 10
assert_task_success 22c2a3d0-0961-4255-9eec-c550a79aeaaa
search_and_check_object users jsmith
search_and_check_object users banderson
search_and_check_object users kwhite
search_and_check_object users whenderson
search_and_check_object users ddavis
search_and_check_object users cmorrison
search_and_check_object users danderson
search_and_check_object users amorrison
search_and_check_object users wprice
search_and_check_object users mroberts
# TODO check in LDAP, check assignments etc
@test "230 Check 'TestUser230' in Midpoint and LDAP" {
if [ -e $BATS_TMPDIR/not-started ]; then skip 'not started'; fi
echo "<user><name>TestUser230</name><fullName>Test User230</fullName><givenName>Test</givenName><familyName>User230</familyName><credentials><password><value><clearValue>password</clearValue></value></password></credentials></user>" >/tmp/testuser230.xml
add_object users /tmp/testuser230.xml
rm /tmp/testuser230.xml
search_and_check_object users TestUser230
add_object tasks tests/resources/task/recom-role-grouper-sysadmin.xml
search_and_check_object tasks "Recompute role-grouper-sysadmin"
wait_for_task_completion 22c2a3d0-0961-4255-9eec-caasa79aeaaa 6 10
assert_task_success 22c2a3d0-0961-4255-9eec-caasa79aeaaa
add_object tasks tests/resources/task/assign-role-grouper-sysadmin-to-test-user.xml
search_and_check_object tasks "Assign role-grouper-sysadmin to TestUser230"
wait_for_task_completion 22c2a3d0-0961-4255-9eec-c550a791237s 6 10
assert_task_success 22c2a3d0-0961-4255-9eec-c550a791237s
check_ldap_account_by_user_name TestUser230 complex_directory_1
check_of_ldap_membership TestUser230 sysadmingroup complex_directory_1
@test "999 Clean up" {
skip TEMP
docker-compose down -v
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