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This is a preliminary version of midPoint dockerization for TIER environment.

There are two containers there:

  • midpoint-server: provides the midPoint application
  • midpoint-data: provides the default midPoint repository; note that the repository can be implemented in any other way - by another container (perhaps hosting a different database) or by providing it externally: on premises or in cloud.

Building and starting

Downloading midPoint

Before building, please build or download current midpoint-3.9-SNAPSHOT-dist.tar.gz file and put it into midpoint-server directory. There are the following options:

  1. Build midPoint from sources as described here - but use tmp/tier branch instead of master. It should contain a bit more stable code in comparison with the master branch.
  2. Use download-midpoint script.
  3. Download midPoint manually from Evolveum web site.

Showing e.g. the second option:

$ ./download-midpoint
Downloading midPoint 3.9-SNAPSHOT
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100  157M  100  157M    0     0   867k      0  0:03:05  0:03:05 --:--:--  954k
Checking the download...

Creating Docker composition

After midPoint archive is correctly placed into midpoint-server directory, please execute the following commands:

$ docker-compose up --build

This will take a while.

Finally, you will see notices like these:

Starting midpoint_midpoint-data_1 ... 
Starting midpoint_midpoint-data_1 ... done
Recreating midpoint_midpoint-server_1 ... 
Recreating midpoint_midpoint-server_1 ... done
Attaching to midpoint_midpoint-data_1, midpoint_midpoint-server_1

followed by startup messages from individual Docker containers.

After installation

After Docker containers are up, check that you can log into midPoint at http://localhost:8080/midpoint using administrator/5ecr3t.

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