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COmanage Grouper Lite Widget Plugin


To use in COManage:

  • With your favorite command line tool, navigate to a directory you wish to use to house the COmanage plugin.
  • Copy the source files from the GrouperLiteWidget Plugin located at
  • You can either download the source files as a ZipFile or Clone the directory from GitHub repository.
    • ZipFile: unzip into a new GrouperLiteWidget/ directory.
    • Clone: git clone GrouperLiteWidget/
  • Copy the application location for symlinking below.
  • Navigate to your COmanage source directory.
  • From the root of your COmanage installation, go to the local/Plugin/ directory.
  • Symlink your GrouperLiteWidget location under the Plugin directory.
    • ln -s <location-of-Plugin>/GrouperLiteWidget <location-of-COmanage>/local/Plugin/GrouperLiteWidget