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IAM Functions List

User Management, User Concerns

identity registration, enrollment
idp discovery and selection
idp of last resort
identity proofing
credential binding
account validation
attribute verification
identity resolution
support for multiple identity records (and credentials) for a single person

self-service identity management
password management
progressive profiling
user preferences
account linking
consent and privacy protection

Native IAM Capabilities

multiple AuthN sources and services, (local SSO, social, federated, protocol gateways)
password and MFA management

access policy management (coarse and fine grained)
access mgmt admin, (distributable)
request/approval processes
lifecycle transitions definition, admin, and automation
service accounts
apps, services as credentialed agents for invoking other services, apis

api specification, design, documentation, style guidelines
api access to all IAM functionality
api authNZ
api registry, gateway

session management and logout
provisioning, deprovisioning
messaging and api integration with connected apps & services, app integration generally
batch reconciliation, near real time sync between registry and connected systems
auditing, logging, reporting, attestation, compliance support
service provider onboarding and configuration

Data Management

directory services
IAM data dictionary
identity and entitlement data access

Deployment Models

on-prem, cloud, hybrid, hosted

The …​ities

scalability, reliability, performance, security, maintainability, other …​ities

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