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Diagramming IAM with PlantUML, Structurizr, Dot, and C4 models

Plantuml, Structurizr Hands-on with Mac

brew install structurizr-cli

brew install structurizr-cli

use structuralizr-cli to transform structurizr domain-specific language (.dsl) to PlantUML format

./ export -workspace ~/opt/_adoc/non.adoc/workspace.dsl -format plantuml

output file is 'structurizr-SystemContext.puml'

install graphvis, plantuml from homebrew

brew install graphviz
brew install plantuml

render plantuml into graphic form

plantuml structurizr-SystemContext.puml

rendered graphic file is 'structurizr-SystemContext.png'

structurizr SystemContext

quick view of the rendered png file

open structurizr-SystemContext.png

PlantUML Server Online, no installation required

Opens with a one-arrow UML sequence diagram in text form

Bob -> Alice : hello

Shows the graphic form (png) below the text entry area

simple 00

Exercise 1: Add a reply from Alice to Bob

Additional References ⇐ Online PlantUML Server ⇐ Plantuml Guide in PDF; Starts with the basics ⇐ home page, PlantUML ⇐ Hitchhiker’s guide to Plantuml ⇐ how to include hyperlinks in PlantUML diagrams ⇐ data flow diagrams using Graphviz dot (layer under plantuml)

Advance to C4 model construction with Structurizr ⇐ Structurizr getting started page ⇐ Structurizr DSL (Domain Specific Language) Reference Manual

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