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CO330: Linking to Systems Outside of COmanage

One of COmanage's superpowers is in linking the registered people to their representations in your other systems. These systems include both "inbound systems", or "systems of record" as well as "outbound systems" or "provisioned systems". In this lesson you will learn how COmanage interprets systems of records as sources and links them to the registered people. You will also learn how COmanage shares information about registered people with systems so that these systems can make decisions about the rights and access privileges the person has.

WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? Application administrators.


CO101: Getting to Know COmanage or equivalent

Top Things You Need To Know

  1. More things you need to know will be added later


Time Section Description
  Setup Prepare for the lesson
00:35 1. Identifiers Learn the importance of identifiers within COmanage and their use when connecting to other systems as sources or for provisioning. Understand identifier formats and how to make identifier assignments to CO Persons⚙️
00:20 2. CO Services Configure a group of services that can be accessed by those in your CO⚙️
00:10 3. About Plugins Learn about how Plugins are used to extend the capabilities of COmanage and about the three types that we will discuss during the workshop.
00:30 4. Authenticators Learn how authenticators work to enable authenticated access to services. Understand what kinds are supported, and how alternate forms, like SSH keys, are supported.

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.

Terminology & resources

COmanage Objects ⚙️

Identifier⚙️ Objects that enable one to connect the information stored about people within the COmanage platform to representations of the same people in systems outside of COmanage CO330-01
CO Service⚙️ Services or applications that can be configured for CO Persons⚙️ to have access to by participating in the organization or collaboration. CO330-02
Plugin⚙️ Components that are used to easily customize and extend COmanage Registry functionality. CO330-03

PREVIOUS LESSON: CO320 - Modeling Your Organization in COmanage

NEXT LESSON: CO340 - Workflows: Enrollment

WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: COmanage Workshop: Managing Identities & Collaborations

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