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CO370 - Extending COmanage Training

During this workshop, we learned the basics of COmanage, though it can do so much more. During this lesson, you will whet your appetite for other topics to explore related to COmanage. You will learn how COmanage can be extended through plug-ins, and will be exposed to some of the ways that COmanage can handle more complicated use cases. We will discuss resources for continuing on your COmanage learning journey, and how to connect with the broader COmanage community for support and inspiration.

WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? Application administrators.


CO304 AND CO306 or equivalent

Top Things You Need To Know

  1. More things you need to know will be added later
  2. Do you currently have direct interaction with the individuals that you want to register?


You now know the basics, but there is much more to COmanage. This lesson give you the opportunity to customize the workshop to learn about topics that interest you most.

Below are a few topics that may be of interest, though you should suggest what you are curious about even if it is not on this list.

PREVIOUS LESSON: CO360 - Offboarding

WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: COmanage Workshop: Managing Identities & Collaborations

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