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InvoiceID AS invoice_id,
PayerAccountId AS payer_account_id,
LinkedAccountId AS linked_account_id,
RecordType AS record_type,
RecordId AS record_id,
ProductName AS product_name,
RateId AS rate_id,
SubscriptionId AS subscription_id,
PricingPlanId AS pricing_plan_id,
UsageType AS usage_type,
Operation AS operation,
AvailabilityZone AS availability_zone,
ReservedInstance AS reserved_instance,
ItemDescription AS item_description,
cast(UsageStartDate AS TIMESTAMP) AS usage_start_date,
cast(UsageEndDate AS TIMESTAMP) AS usage_end_date,
cast(UsageQuantity AS DOUBLE) AS dbl_usagequantity,
cast(BlendedRate AS DOUBLE) AS blended_rate,
cast(BlendedCost AS DOUBLE) AS blended_cost,
cast(UnBlendedRate AS DOUBLE) AS unblended_rate,
cast(UnBlendedCost AS DOUBLE) AS unblended_cost,
ResourceId AS resource_id,
"user:Application" AS user_defined_application,
"user:CA001" AS user_defined_ca001,
"user:CostCode" AS user_defined_costcode,
"user:CreationDate" AS user_defined_creation_date,
"user:Creator" AS user_defined_creator,
"user:Department" AS user_defined_dept,
"user:DeptCode" AS user_defined_dept_code,
"user:Environment" AS user_defined_env,
"user:Location" AS user_defined_loc,
"user:Name" AS user_defined_name,
"user:Organization" AS user_defined_org,
"user:Owner" AS user_defined_owner,
"user:Product" AS user_defined_product,
"user:Project" AS user_defined_project,
"user:Purpose" AS user_defined_purpose,
"user:ResponsibleParty" AS user_defined_responsible_party,
"user:Role" AS user_defined_role,
"user:Use" AS user_defined_use
FROM "dltbillingdata"."utilization"
WHERE invoiceid <> 'InvoiceID'
AND recordtype = 'LineItem' limit 10;
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