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Internet2 CLASS Capstone Project, HPC-GCP Team

It is convenient to deploy an HPC cluster on the GCP cloud using terraform scripts. The scripts are inside the directory slurm-gcp. You need to edit the scripts - basic.tfvars and For a basic deployment, it is sufficient to redefine a few variables such as project name, cluster name, etc. Of course, you can fine tune the variables and scripts to fit your needs.

  • Create a GCP Project (for example, class-capstone)
  • Go to API services and enable the API for compute engines and deployment manager
  • Start the cloud shell (If you set up the environment for gcloud shell or sdk on your laptop, you can use your development environment in place of cloud shell)
  • Clone the gcp repo: git clone
  • Go to the directory slurm-gcp/tf/examples
  • Make a copy of the basic example. cp basic.tfvar.example basic.tfvar
  • Edit the basics.tfvar file. Add a line “project = class-capstone” (or any name you like)
  • Open, and make sure that the bash variable source refers to the correct path
  • Initialize terraform terraform init
  • Start the HPC cluster. terraform apply -var-file=basic.tfvars.
  • Go to your GCP dashboard and check the compute engines. You should see the controller and the login node up and running.
  • SSH into the login node and check the slurm status (sinfo) or run some test jobs.

Note that the minimal disk-size is 20 GB to accommodate the size of the VM. If you wan’t more than 20 GB, that’s okay.

The above steps are explained in the document page: