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Networking in the Cloud - July 9, 2024, 8.30am PT / 11.30am ET

Join us on July 9 for an in-depth walkthrough on why and how to use Internet2 Cloud Connect and Insight Console to build hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity. You will leave the workshop comfortable with the base components that are needed to establish connectivity between different cloud resources.

Insight Console is a web-based interface that empowers users to visualize, manage, and troubleshoot Internet2 network services. The Insight Console Virtual Networks feature helps members extend their infrastructure to expand anywhere within the Internet2 global networks reach.

This workshop will teach participants how to utilize Internet2 Cloud Connect to build connectivity between different cloud providers. Learn new cloud networking skills through expert instruction and hands-on labs.

Sign Up for the Workshop

Register here

  • Cost: Free for Internet2 Members, $50 for Non-Members


  • Scott Taylor, Network Architect, Internet2

Agenda (subject to change)

Introduction (10 mins)

  • Hybrid Connectivity
  • Multicloud Connectivity

Overview of Internet2 Cloud Connect (20 mins)

  • Internet2 as your private network to Cloud
  • Hosted v Dedicated Cloud Connections
  • Use cases and examples of Cloud Connect

Overview of Insight Console (20 mins)

  • The main features of Insight Console
  • Building Layer 3 connections in Insight Console

Break - (10 mins)

Cloud Components (30 mins)

We will cover network components and a diagrams for each Cloud Provider.

AWS - Necessary components for Direct Connect Connectivity

Azure - Necessary components for ExpressRoute Connectivity

Google - Necessary components for Interconnect Connectivity

Oracle - Necessary components for FastConnect Connectivity

Follow along Hands-on Lab (60 mins)



  • An account with each provider that you want to build connectivity
  • An account with Insight Console

Using Internet2 services and Insight Console we will practice building connections with each cloud service provider and learn how to verify connectivity inside the Internet2 Insight Console.

Takeaways and closing remarks

  • Next steps