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Tmages used in the InCommon Canvas LMS Style Guide

Images included in this collection:

People & Logos

File name Description
Incommon2x.png InCommon Logo InCommon Logo
Murtha_Erin.jpeg Erin Murtha Headshot Erin Murtha Headshot
paglione-square.jpeg Screenshot of the Systems of Record list. Laura Paglione Headshot
unicon.jpeg Unicon Logo Unicon Logo


File name Description
icon-cogs-duo-4x.png Cogs icon Cogs icon
icon-window-restore-duo-4x.png Restore window icon Restore window icon

Page Styles

File name Description
sample-content-page.png Sample Content Page Sample Content Page
sample-home-page.png Sample Home Page Sample Home Page
sample-module-page.png Sample Module Page Sample Module Page

Design Elements

File name Description
block-home-header.png Image of Home Header Block Image of Home Header Block
block-general-header.png Image of General Header Block Image of General Header Block