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# Book settings
# Learn more at
title: Internet2 Cloud Learning And Skills Sessions
author: Internet2 Research Engagement
logo: CLASS-logo.png
# Force re-execution of notebooks on each build.
# See
execute_notebooks: force
# Define the name of the latex output file for PDF builds
targetname: book.tex
# Add a bibtex file so that we can create citations
- references.bib
# Information about where the book exists on the web
url: # Online location of your book
path_to_book: docs # Optional path to your book, relative to the repository root
branch: master # Which branch of the repository should be used when creating links (optional)
# Add GitHub buttons to your book
# See
use_issues_button: true
use_repository_button: true
home_page_in_navbar : false
# Advanced and power-user settings
extra_extensions : # A list of extra extensions to load by Sphinx (added to those already used by JB).
- sphinx_inline_tabs
local_extensions : # A list of local extensions to load by sphinx specified by "name: path" items
config : # key-value pairs to directly over-ride the Sphinx configuration
# don't forget to list any other extensions you want enabled,
# including those that are enabled by default!
- html_image