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A Primer to Cloud Computing for Research

This online "book" aims to enable pathways to adoption of cloud computing for research. You will discover how the public cloud can foster innovation, accelerate scientific discovery and learn about best practices for leveraging the cloud.

As a researcher or research facilitator, there are three main considerations in utilizing the cloud for scientific workflows:

(1) How do I know if my research belongs in the cloud?

(2) Which cloud provider and which services should I utilize?

(3) How do I estimate costs and resources needed for porting my work to the cloud?

Whether you are new to the cloud journey or are a seasoned cyberinfrastructure professional looking to communicate and address common concerns faced by researchers, this guide is intended to help you make an informed decision on whether a research workflow belongs in the public cloud, and to demystify some of the more obscure features around cloud adoption.

Cloud Adoption Framework

Cloud computing is a utility. You pay for the resources that you use!

The CLASS Cloud Adoption Framework is a series of documentation, best practices, tutorials, workflows and cloud adoption pathways built by researchers and research and data (RCD) professionals for researchers and RCD professionals.


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