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CO310 - Modeling People in COmanage

COmanage is a registry for people. In this lesson you will learn how people are represented within COmanage. You will explore how COmanage stores and manages information about people and how this information is linked to systems outside of COmanage. You will learn the types of roles that people can play and the privileges that are granted in COmanage as a result. Also covered is how to manage user authentication.

WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? Application administrators.


CO101: Getting to Know COmanage or equivalent

Top Things You Need To Know

  1. What is a person registry?
  2. What is COmanage?
  3. How to get to an installed version of COmanage


Time Section Description
  Setup Prepare for the lesson
00:25 1. The CO Person Object Understand the CO Person object - the primary object for representing people in COmanage. What does this object contain?
00:25 2. The Org Identity Object Understanding Org Identity Objects and how they are connected to representations of people external to COmanage.
00:15 3. Memberships Understanding the the types of grouping that people in your organization or collaboration form is helpful when modeling your organization.
00:20 4. Permissions
00:15 5. Your first person Sign into COmanage and explore what these objects and concepts look like in the system.

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.

NEXT LESSON: CO320 - Modeling Your Organization in COmanage

WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: COmanage Workshop: Managing Identities & Collaborations