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Merge pull request #23 from docker/addWindowsUpstream

add windows Dockerfile template
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pcaskey committed Jul 6, 2018
2 parents a951603 + 960f034 commit 456b0071582754a55e0abc723b26e9db50ac949b
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@@ -584,7 +584,20 @@ sed "s#keystorePass=\"password\"#keystorePass=\"${STOREPWD}\"#" ${TOMCFG}/server
# copy Dockerfile template
cp /Dockerfile.template ${PWD}/Dockerfile
case "$BUILD_ENV" in
LINUX | linux)
echo "Generating Dockerfile for a Linux container"
cp /Dockerfile.template ${PWD}/Dockerfile
WINDOWS | windows)
echo "Generating Dockerfile for a Windows container"
cp / ${PWD}/Dockerfile
echo "Environment variable BUILD_ENV was not found or had an incorrect value (only LINUX|WINDOWS is supported). Terminating."
exit 1

# if the user chose to use secrets, then generate a directory containing the config with secrets removed

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