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bug fix

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pcaskey committed Oct 31, 2017
1 parent f7052ea commit dc2f87168b6bf8fbf9370b14e7b457c86efc58b4
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@@ -542,10 +542,14 @@ echo ""

#copy files directly instead of zipping
cp -R ./* /output
rm -f /ouput/Dockerfile
rm -f /ouput/
rm -f /ouput/setup.log
mkdir -p /output-tmp
cp -R ./* /output-tmp
rm -f /ouput-tmp/Dockerfile
rm -f /ouput-tmp/
rm -f /ouput-tmp/setup.log
cp -R /output-tmp/* /output
rm -rf /output-tmp/*
rmdir /output-tmp

#echo ""

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