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Once the files have been written to your directory, the container terminates and can be deleted.

Build this container like this:
docker build -t tierconfigbuilder .

Run the container like this:
docker run --interactive --tty -v $PWD:/output -e "BUILD_ENV=LINUX" tier/shibbidp_configbuilder_container
You can run the container directly from teh docker hub like this:
docker run -it -v $PWD:/output -e "BUILD_ENV=LINUX" tier/shibbidp_configbuilder_container

-OR, for a Windows container, like this-

docker run --interactive --tty -v $PWD:/output -e "BUILD_ENV=WINDOWS" tier/shibbidp_configbuilder_container
docker run -it -v $PWD:/output -e "BUILD_ENV=WINDOWS" tier/shibbidp_configbuilder_container

After answering the questions in the configBuilder, your config will be written to several files and directories in the directory you mounted in the 'docker run' command above. The output defaults to placing certain IdP config files into a 'SECRETS' folder at the root to a) remove them from the rest of the config files so that b) the remaining config files can be easily burned into the container.

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