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FROM centos:centos7
# Define args and set a default value
ARG maintainer=my
ARG imagename=centos7base
ARG version=1.0
MAINTAINER $maintainer
LABEL Vendor="Internet2"
LABEL ImageType="Base"
LABEL ImageName=$imagename
LABEL ImageOS=centos7
LABEL Version=$version
LABEL Build docker build --rm --tag $maintainer/$imagename .
# UTC Timezone & Networking
RUN ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC /etc/localtime \
&& echo "NETWORKING=yes" > /etc/sysconfig/network
# Install base deps
RUN rm -fr /var/cache/yum/* && yum clean all && yum -y install --setopt=tsflags=nodocs epel-release && \
yum -y install net-tools wget curl tar unzip mlocate logrotate strace telnet man unzip vim wget rsyslog cron && \
yum clean all && \
mkdir -p \
/opt/autoexec/bin \
/opt/autoexec/onbuild \
/opt/autoexec/firstrun \
/opt/bin \
/opt/etc \
/opt/log \
# Install Trusted Certificates
RUN update-ca-trust force-enable
ADD ./cert/InCommon.crt /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/
RUN update-ca-trust extract
ADD container_files/bin/ /opt/autoexec/bin/
ADD container_files/bin/ /opt/autoexec/bin/
ADD container_files/bin/ /opt/autoexec/firstrun/
ADD container_files/bin/ /opt/autoexec/onbuild/
# Set default environment variables.
ENV HOME /opt/tier
# Allow triggerable events on the first time running
RUN touch /tmp/firsttimerunning
# Define working directory.
WORKDIR /opt/tier
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