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2.4.0 a89 u55 w11 p12 20200110 rc1 #84

merged 8 commits into from Jan 13, 2020

Update Dockerfile

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chubing committed Jan 9, 2020
commit 9788217fa8b8eee4d286878c16f90df173b731a4
@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ RUN echo 'Downloading Grouper Installer...' \
&& wget -q -O /opt/grouper/$GROUPER_VERSION/grouperInstaller.jar$GROUPER_VERSION/grouperInstaller.jar

COPY container_files/ /opt/grouper/$GROUPER_VERSION
# Temporary morphString file used for building, not used in production
COPY container_files/ /opt/grouper/$GROUPER_VERSION

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