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This repository contains code that will build and run Grouper 2.3 in a Docker environment. To build the base containers, run ./ After that completes, configure files under the test-compose directory to your environment (listed below). To bring up the environment, cd into test-compose and then run ./

Components that run in their own container:

  • Loader
  • UI
  • WS
  • Database/LDAP
  • Web Server (with Shibboleth)

The following files should be modified to your environment:

File Purpose
./test-compose/www/container_files/httpd/localhost.crt web server SSL cert
./test-compose/www/container_files/httpd/localhost.key private key for the web server
./test-compose/www/container_files/shibboleth/shibboleth2.xml Configuration file for Shibboleth
./test-compose/www/container_files/shibboleth/sp-cert.pem Certificate for Shibboleth SP
./test-compose/www/container_files/shibboleth/sp-key.pem Key for Shibboleth SP
./test-compose/data/seed-data/bootstrap.gsh Modify line that starts with addMember to reflect ePPN/remote_user for administrator
./test-compose/data/seed-data/ds-setup.inf Modify LDAP password and Suffix
./test-compose/data/seed-data/users.ldif Initial user load, if using the built in LDAP server, ensure the administrator user listed in exists in this directory
./test-compose/data/seed-data/sisData.sql Loads test data into database