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Updated readme for packer centos and VM builds.

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@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@ The templates are only tested with [packer](

For local builds, you will need to provide a symbolic link to the `ansible-playbooks` directory for matching repo location. Make sure you have cloned and setup the [ansible-playbooks repo]( The `master` branch is acceptable for all developer test builds.

For Automated builds utilizing Jenkins, you will want to setup your build hosts on physical hardware, as how VirtualBox interacts with the host environment.

#### example
ln -s /path/to/ansible-playbooks ansible-playbooks
@@ -68,17 +70,24 @@ For all operating systems we generate images for

This template only is tested against 64 bit systems. With the following sizing requirements:
"vmx_data": {
"cpuid.coresPerSocket": "1",
"memsize": "512",
"numvcpus": "2"
"profile": "xfs",
"disk_size": "20000",
"memory": "6122",
"cpus": "2",

"disk_size": 81920

## Post Processors

The final VM appliance formats will be uploaded into AWS infrastructure. The two compressed tarballs to S3 buckets and AMI to EC2.

- Compressed ova / ovf format
- Compressed Vagrant format
- Imported AWS AMI

# License

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