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Internet2 Streaming Telemetry Prototype

Getting Started


docker and docker-compose
See example router configs below


Clone this repo

git clone

Create a .env file with the following (replace the items in {})

INFLUXDB_USERNAME={influx username}
INFLUXDB_PASSWORD={influx password}
INFLUXDB_DATABASE={influx db_name}

GRAFANA_USERNAME={grafana username}
GRAFANA_PASSWORD={grafana password}

GNMI_USERNAME={router username}
GNMI_PASSWORD={router password}

Copy config/nodes.yaml.dist to config/nodes.yaml and edit.

Run docker-compose docker-compose up -d

docker-compose creates the container configurator to generate the telegraf.d config files based on nodes.yaml.

Edit nodes.yaml and add/update Jinja2 templates, then (re)start configurator to regenerate the config files.

Reload telegraf (docker-compose kill -s SIGHUP telegraf) after generating configs.


Chronograf (data exploration) - http://{dockerhost.ip}:8888
Grafana (visualization) - http://{dockerhost.ip}:3000

Example router configs


set system services extension-service request-response grpc clear-text
set system services extension-service request-response grpc skip-authentication


 port 32767
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