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A micro-service to perform SAML metadata validation.

Built using:

  • OpenAPI 2 and Swagger
  • Shibboleth Metadata Aggregator
  • Spring Boot

Spring Contexts

The Spring application contexts in the application are arranged as follows:


The root ApplicationContext in the application is the one provided by Spring Boot. This is primarily configured using Java and annotations, but the classpath resource root-beans.xml is also loaded into this context. This provides some convenience when importing XML configuration from other uses of the Shibboleth component framework.

The classpath resource common-beans.xml is used to configure a ClassPathXmlApplicationContext which takes the root context as its parent. The common-beans.xml context should be used to provide any beans which will be useful in all validators, so that they don't end up with a lot of duplication.

Each validator lives in a ClassPathXmlApplicationContext of its own. These are loaded from classpath resources named in the property validator.configurations. The validator contexts are given the common-beans.xml context as their parent.

Each validator context must have the following beans:

  • A String bean called id, which becomes the unique identifier for the validator.

  • A String bean called description, which provides a description for the validator for use at the /validators endpoint.

  • A Pipeline<Element> bean called pipeline, which is the metadata aggregator pipeline to execute to perform validation.

  • A unnamed IdentifiableBeanPostProcessor bean which takes care of copying Spring bean id attributes into the corresponding Shibboleth component id if the latter is not supplied. Note that this behaviour only applies for beans in the same context as the IdentifiableBeanPostProcessor bean and is not inherited from the common-beans.xml context.

Copyright and License

The entire package is Copyright (C) 2018, Ian A. Young.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


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