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ITAP Technical Resources

InCommon Trusted Access Platform Technical Resources


Part 1: The Identity Aspects of Identity and Access Management

1.1 Systems of Record Provide Facets of a Person’s Digital Identity (9)
1.2 Representing Digital Identities: Schemas and Schema Mapping (5)
1.3 ID Matching: Approaching the Ideal of One Digital Identity per Person (6)

Part 2: Specifying Who Should Have Access to What Services and Resources (3)

2.1 Enriching Identity: Building Group Memberships That Express a Person’s Relationships to Institutional Structures and Processes (2)

Part 3: Provisioning and De-provisioning: Making Reality Match What Should Be the Case (8)

Part 4: Integration Strategies: Leveraging APIs and Event-Driven Messaging to Tie IAM into the Overall IT Environment (1,7, 14)

Part 5: API AuthNZ, Non-Person Entities and Their Management (4, 13)

Example Glossary

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System of Record: One of possibly many sources of person information

Core Person Schema

The most basic representation of a person as a set of attributes


ITAP Technical Resources



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