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On Schema Languages

Internet2 Trust and Identity Schema

Revision: 04, (2020-06-06)
Editor: Keith Hazelton,

Person schema

2020-06-03 15:06


2020-06-05 10:21 Success: Defined workflow from Protégé OWL Ontology to JSON-LD representation

Define Person, Attribute and properties in Protégé OWL.

Protégé OWL 5.5 has a Save As / json-ld option

Copy contents of json-ld representation of ontology

Paste into JSON-LD Playground

2020-05-27 11:12 Revised proposal for workflow from ontology to json-ld


2020-05-26 22:18 Axiom constructs to OWL entities and properties

Axiom’s five basic data modeling constructs ←→ Closest OWL counterparts

objects ←→ entities
properties ←→ object properties, data properties ?
containers ←→ DAG fragments ?
object references ←→ entity IRIs
value metadata ←→ simple property ?

2020-05-26 10:27 JSON-LD & RDF & OWL ⇐ !! A model approach to building information models ⇐ To be deprecated when VFB 2.0 is released ⇐ Another Horizon 2020-funded project ⇐ Selected Elixir Core Data Resources
- ⇐ protein sequence and functional information
- ⇐ Protein-Protein Interaction Networks, Functional Enrichment Analysis
- ⇐ collection, org & dissemination of data on biological macromolecular structures
- ⇐ free, open source database system and analysis tools for molecular interaction data
- ⇐ Human protein atlas
- ⇐ Europe PMC
- ⇐ open science platform for access to a worldwide collection of life science pubs
- ⇐ Chemical Entities of Biological Interest
- ⇐ Comprehensive Enzyme Information System

original plan

2020-05-25 21:49 IM and DM ⇐ On the difference between Information Models and Data Models ⇐ open neuro-sci info modeling

2020-05-26 08:05 as reference point

2020-05-13 18:08 Road to Axiom ⇐ Evolveum blog post by Radovan Semancik ⇐ Evolveum blog post by Radovan Semancik

2020-05-04 16:05 Thoughts on Axiom

Why the ongoing dissatisfaction with existing schema languages?

  1. lack of common schema metadata

  2. clunky extensibility

  3. lack of human-friendly syntax

  4. lack of libraries for programmatic handling

Look at Evolveum complaints ⇐ Item 1, April 28, 2020: Evolveum on schema

Suggestion: JSON-LD’s @context gives a perfect way to avoid collisions in extensions

2020-04-29 12:37 alignment of COmanage and Minimal Registry Person

corePersonJsonSchema.json ⇐ started with JSON Schema for Minimal Registry Person

2020-04-23 15:17 DW (Incl FM) Schema

see icpData.adoc

2020-04-21 09:33 Evolveum Axiom Schema Language proposal

2020-04-08 15:39 OpenAPI 3.1 and JSON Schema-09 ⇐ new phil sturgeon article celebrating convergence ⇐ Spectral, an Open Source JSON/YAML Linter ⇐ version 3.0.3

2020-01-14 12:50 schema across TAP components

? json schema vs xml (midPoint)

Quick Thoughts

Challenge: Express the Axiom Design Draft using currently available schema languages.

  • JSON-LD provides the ability to declare and use multiple namespaces.

  • See if the rest of the Axiom specification can be expressed in JSON-LD (which is itself valid JSON)

  • See if the identified shortcomings of other schema languages can be overcome with this approach

  • Midpoint user list as a place to start the discussion once this document is shareable

JSON-LD Example:

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "person",
  "name": "Brian Anderson",
  "jobTitle": "IAM Technologist",
  "url": "",
  "address": {
    "@type": "PostalAddress",
    "streetAddress": "2020 Ginko Ave",
    "addressLocality": "Nutown",
    "addressRegion": "New Florida",
    "postalCode": "94453",
    "addressCountry": "US"
  "email": "",
  "telephone": "+1 608 467-6846",
  "birthDate": "1997-03-10"
} ⇐ A Road to Axiom, a blog post by Radovan Semancik ⇐ Why JSON-LD, An Introduction ⇐ JSON-LD Primer A Context-based JSON Serialization for Linked Data ⇐ JSON-LD 1.1 Specification ⇐ JSON-LD Library; Any JSON tool will recognize JSON-LD as valid ⇐ CLI version of the JSON API

The Axiom Schema Language

“Axiom is a [proposed] data modeling language used to model data and metadata for Prism and the midPrivacy project, with the intention to replace XSD as the go-to modeling language for Prism.”

ConnID 2.0 Notes ⇐ Toward a next generation connector framework

Evolveum team is prototyping Axiom use in the mP UI

Background: Connid-dev Google Groups posts re ConnID 2.0
 ⇐ midPrivacy Project: Develop open source privacy-enhancing identity management solution on top of midPoint. ⇐ Data Provenance Prototype: First work package in midPrivacy Project: To improve transparency and accountability of personal data processing.


Collection of material relating to schema languages, their selection and use






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