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### Sample Agenda

#### [CO101 - Workshop Intro & Getting to Know COmanage]( (1:00)
#### [CO101 - Workshop Intro & Getting to Know COmanage]( (1:00)

In this lesson, you will gain a conceptual understanding of COmanage, what it can do, and how it integrates with other tools and processes. You will better know what you don't know, and will have a general scaffolding to build additional knowledge.

@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ The last step of the enrollment workflow is enabling provisioning, or the links


#### [CO360 - Workflows: Offboarding] ( (1:00)
#### [CO360 - Workflows: Offboarding]( (1:00)

Eventually people that you have registered will no longer have a connection to part or all of your organization or collaboration. In this lesson we will learn how offboard people: how to unwind provisioning, roles and COmanage access. We will review workflow policies to handle the common reasons for offboarding, and learn how to set up automatic processing.

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