More about Plugins

More about Plugins

COmanage Registry supports several types of Plugins⚙️ in order to easily customize and extend Registry functionality. There are a few different ways to make Plugins available for use within Registry, according to how the Plugin is distributed.

  • Core Plugins - Many Plugins are already set up, and provided as “Core Plugins”; these Plugins ship with COmanage, and are enabled by default.
  • Supported Non-core Plugins - In addition, there are some Plugins that are less widely used, and while they are shipped with COmanage, they are not enabled by default.
  • External Plugins - Finally, Plugins can come from other sources (including those you write yourself) to support your needs.

Installing and Enabling Plugins

Core Plugins are already installed and enabled, so no additional action is required to start using them.

Link to the documentation)

Core & Supported Plugins

Authenticator Plugin

  • Certificate Authenticator Plugin
  • Password Authenticator Plugin
  • SSH Key Authenticator Plugin

Invitation Confirmer Plugin

Dashboard Widget Plugin

Data Filter Plugin

  • Group Filter Plugin
  • Group Name Filter Plugin

Enrollment Flow Plugin

  • IdentifierEnroller Plugin

Identifier Validation Plugin

  • LDAP Identifier Validator Plugin
  • Regex Identifier Validator Plugin

Job Plugin

  • Identifier Assignment Job Plugin
  • Provisioner Job Plugin

LDAP Schema Plugin

Normalization Plugin

Organizational Identity Sources Plugin

  • API Source
  • Env Source
  • File Source
  • LDAP Source
  • netFORUM Source
  • ORCID Source
  • Salesforce Source

Provisioning Plugin

  • Changelog Provisioning Plugin
  • Crowd Provisioning Plugin
  • GitHub Provisioning Plugin
  • Grouper Provisioning Plugin
  • Homedir Provisioning Plugin (experimental)
  • LDAP Provisioning Plugin
  • Mailman Provisioning Plugin (experimental)
  • MidPoint Provisioning Plugin (experimental)
  • MediaWiki Provisioning Plugin (experimental)
  • Salesforce Provisioning Plugin
  • SQL Provisioning Plugin
  • Provisioning From Registry (draft model)

Any other type of Plugin

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