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CO101: Introduction to COmanage (Self-guided)

What is COmanage, why does it exist, and how is it used? This online course describes the role of COmanage in creating and managing accounts for your constituents, from the collection of information from your systems of record; to the mapping, matching and merging of information from multiple sources; to the use of these accounts in service provisioning. This course will also review business considerations such as policy and process considerations for account management and resource requirements for the setup and operational use of COmanage.

WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? All. The course is non-technical and delivered as a self-guided module. It is a prerequisite for all subsequent COmanage training.



Top Things You Need To Know

  1. This lesson does not assume any prior knowledge or experience with COmanage
  2. More things you need to know will be added later


Time Section Description
  Setup Prepare for the lesson
00:00 1. Identity Registries COmanage is an Identity Registry. Why do these exist?
00:10 2. What is COmanage? What does COmanage do & who uses it?
00:25 3. Focus on Capabilities What capabilities should you consider for your registry?
00:00 4. The structure of COmanage How is COmanaged structured?

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.

200-Level Collection: Installing COmanage

  • Basic installation using Docker Images
  • Initial configuration

300-Level Collection: Configuring & Using COmanage

  • 310 - COmanage structure: People
  • 320 - COmanage structure: Organizational
  • 330 - COmanage structure: Linking to other systems
  • 340 - COmanage structure: Workflows - Enrollment
  • 350 - COmanage structure: Workflows - Provisioning
  • 360 - COmanage structure: Workflows - Offboarding
  • 370 - COmanage structure: Extending COmanage


What is COmanage, why does it exist, and how is it used?



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