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# json-schemas
JSON schemas used by Internet2 Trust & Identity
## Getting Started
To test all schemas, run `make`.
## Contributing
To add a new schema, create a directory structure like the following (where "foo" is the name of the model represented by the schema):
* foo/ - The schema's top-level directory
* test/ - Test examples
* invalid-*.json - Test examples which should be invalid
* valid-*.json - Test examples which should be valid
* foo.schema.json - The schema definition
* - Documentation for the schema
To run validation tests against the schema, run `make foo`.
If you're using Visual Studio Code, you may also want to edit `.vscode/settings.json`, adding an object to the `json.schemas` array that will validate test files using the new schema:
"json.schemas": [
"fileMatch": [
"url": "./foo/foo.schema.json"
## Background
Validation tests use [ajv-cli]( via Docker. Refer to `docker-compose.yml` and `.containers/ajv-cli/Dockerfile` for details.
See the [JSON Schema]( docuemtation for more information.