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COmanage Registry Internet2 TIER Base Image

Intended to build a COmanage Registry for Internet2 TIER base image using CentOS 7 as the operating system and building PHP from source.

By itself the image built from this Dockerfile does not provide COmanage Registry.

The image built from this Dockerfile is used as the base for the Internet2 TIER image that includes COmanage Registry with the Shibboleth Native SP for Apache HTTP Server (Shibboleth) as the authentication mechanism.

Build Arguments

No arguments are required for the build but the following argument may be provided to override the default:

--build-arg PHP_VERSION=<PHP version number>


docker build \
    -t comanage-registry-internet2-tier-base:<tag> .

Building Example

docker build \
    -t comanage-registry-internet2-tier-base:${TAG} .