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COmanage Registry Shibboleth SP Base

Intended to build a Shibboleth SP for Apache HTTP Server image intended to be used with COmanage Registry.

The image built from this Dockerfile is primarily intended to be used as a base for building other COmanage Registry images using Dockerfile multi-stage build functionality.

Note that when the image is built the C++ source code for the Shibboleth SP is compiled from source. Doing so requires significant amounts of RAM. The image is known to build to completion on a virtual machine with 4 GB of RAM, though less RAM may actually be required.

Build Arguments

The following arguments may be provided when building but are not required since the Dockerfile uses the latest recommended values:

--build-arg LOG4SHIB_URL=<URL to log4shib source tarball>
--build-arg OPENSAMLC_URL=<URL to opensaml source tarball>
--build-arg SHIBBOLETH_SP_URL=<URL to Shibboleth SP source tarball>
--build-arg XERCESC_URL=<URL to xerces-c source tarball>
--build-arg XMLSECC_URL=<URL to xml-security-c source tarball>
--build-arg XMLTOOLING_URL=<URL to xmltooling source tarball>


docker build \
  -t comanage-registry-shibboleth-sp-base:<tag> .

Building Example

docker build \
    -t comanage-registry-shibboleth-sp-base:$TAG .