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more bugfix

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pcaskey committed Oct 31, 2017
1 parent dc2f871 commit e402d48faf33edde83217f90f60c1573b83c4452
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@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@ while [ ${BURNMOUNT} == "None" ]; do
echo "You must choose either \"burn\" or \"mount\" or \"hybrid\"."
echo "You must choose either \"burn\" or \"mount\" or \"hybrid\" (default is hybrid)."
#echo "Burn/Mount option choice is: $BURNMOUNT"
@@ -544,10 +544,9 @@ fi
#copy files directly instead of zipping
mkdir -p /output-tmp
cp -R ./* /output-tmp
rm -f /ouput-tmp/Dockerfile
rm -f /ouput-tmp/
rm -f /ouput-tmp/setup.log
cp -R /output-tmp/* /output
cp -Rf /output-tmp/* /output
rm -rf /output-tmp/*
rmdir /output-tmp

@@ -681,6 +680,8 @@ rmdir ${TMP_DIR_T}
#cp -rfn logs/. /output/logs/
#cp -rfn credentials/. /output/credentials/
#cp -rfn wwwroot/. /output/wwwroot/
echo config saved to ${FILENAME:2}
#echo config saved to ${FILENAME:2}
echo config saved to configured local directory
sleep 5

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