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Adding UT8 tests

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Jim Van Fleet
Jim Van Fleet committed Sep 8, 2016
1 parent d7d282d commit 4f28b1061dcc06d388da3eee9a062aa4181754ee
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@@ -19,3 +19,15 @@ load ../common
@test "Creates user account with password" {
docker exec -i $imagename mysql -u registry_user --password="WJzesbe3poNZ91qIbmR7" -h -e 'show tables' registry

@test "UTF8 character set" {
docker exec -i $imagename mysql -u root -h --password=123321 -e 'show variables' | grep char | grep utf8

@test "UTF8 collations" {
docker exec -i $imagename mysql -u root -h --password=123321 -e 'show variables' | grep collation | grep utf8_bin

@test "UTF8 databases" {
docker exec -i $imagename mysql -u root -h --password=123321 -e 'show create database registry' | grep "DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin"

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