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Obsolete features like support for __ACCOUNT__ and __GROUP__ object
classes were removed. Currently the connector supports only PlainGroup
object class that contains a list of group members.

The code was generally cleaned up and refactored to improve
understandability and maintainability. Unnecessary dependencies were
removed to reduce JAR size.

Version was increased to 0.5.
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This is a connector that can read groups from a Grouper instance using REST calls. Currently it supports these searches only:

  • fetching all groups,
  • fetching a group by name,
  • fetching a group by UUID.

When fetching a group, a client can choose whether to get basic group data only (name, UUID, extension) or whether to obtain a list of group members as well.

Besides search operation the following ones are supported:

  • schema
  • test

This connector was tested with Grouper 2.4.