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Latest commit f30d47e Nov 6, 2019 History
This is basically a clone of demo/complex2s from the laboratory branch.

Main differences:

1. Fixed "unknown host directory" error message when building
grouper_data container. The initialization script is no longer run
at build time in grouper_data. It is instead run at first start of
grouper_daemon container, when LDAP server is already up.

2. banderson and sysadmingroup is now created when building LDAP container.
So the Grouper resource test action can be executed directly, without
the need to prepare midPoint objects for banderson & sysadmingroup first.

Note that tests were not updated yet.
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cd "$(dirname "$0")"
source common.bash
while getopts "nhr?" opt; do
case $opt in
result=$(docker ps -a | grep $maintainer/$imagename:$tag)
if [ ! -z "$result" ]; then
echo "Cleaning up $maintainer/$imagename:$tag..."
docker rm -f $(docker ps -a | grep $maintainer/$imagename:$tag | awk '{print $1}')
docker rmi -f $maintainer/$imagename:$tag
echo "Done"
REFRESH="--no-cache --pull"
echo "Using 'refresh' mode: $REFRESH"
h | ?)
echo "Options: -n skip download"
echo " -r refresh mode: uses --no-cache --pull and removes container and image before build"
exit 0
echo "Unknown option: $opt"
exit 1
if [ "$SKIP_DOWNLOAD" = "0" ]; then ./ || exit 1; fi
docker build $REFRESH --tag $maintainer/$imagename:$tag --build-arg maintainer=$maintainer --build-arg imagename=$imagename . || exit 1
echo "---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
echo "The midPoint containers were successfully built. To start them, execute the following:"
echo ""
echo "(for simple demo)"
echo ""
echo "$ cd" $(pwd)/demo/simple
echo "$ docker-compose up"
echo ""
echo "(for Grouper integration demo)"
echo ""
echo "$ cd" $(pwd)/demo/grouper
echo "$ docker-compose up --build"
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