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Scripts to pull information about projects from Google Cloud Platform.


  • Clone this repo locally.

  • Open Google Cloud Shell in your browser as a Org Admin / Super Admin / Someone with permissions to list all projects in all folders in all orgs:

  • Use the in-browser option to upload the two shell scripts into your cloud shell

  • Ensure the two files are executable

chmod u+x && chmod u+x

  • Run (and pipe the output to a CSV file) to get the list of projects associated with your Organization ID. If you want to get a list of projects in your GCP environment that are not in your Org ID, you can run the script without the Org ID parameter. Note: The first time, you'll be prompted to Auth.

./ 123456789 > list.csv


./ > list.csv

  • Open the resulting list.csv to see what's in it what you expected?

  • Run the script and pass in the list.csv file to lookup all the owners of those projects.

./ list.csv > project-data.csv

  • Download the project-data.csv file and use it in a Google Data Studio dashboard or use it to email project owners...whatever you need to do :-)

AppScript Considerations & Projects without "User" Owners

Appscript projects are not associated with your Org ID by default, and do not have users as owners. They have serviceaccounts as owners. So...if you run on your full domain, you'll get those projects too....and when you run on it, you'll get less results...because the script ignores owners that are not users.

Big domain? Too many projects?

You can optionally run a split command on the list.csv after the first step, so you have a series of smaller CSV's to work with for the next owner lookup step.

Which will result in several files named smaller-file-aa.csv, smaller-file-ab.csv etc...which can then be passed into the get-owners script:

./ smaller-file-aa.csv >> project-data.csv

This is usually only necessary for a massive number of projects, or if you want to check easily for progress along the way rather than waiting for it to end. I figured this out after being booted from my cloud shell for non-activity a few times, even when i thought i was paying attention.


For now, there's an error when you start running the script, because it looks at the first row of the csv and attempts to look up owners for it (but it cannot because that's the column headings). One day i'll fix that...but for now, just ignore.

Attribution & Contact Info

This was based on the work from Indiana University (

For questions about this, you can contact or


Simple shell scripts to run manually to perform an audit on GCP projects and owners. Can easily run from Cloud Shell without any additional overhead




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