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from flask import Flask, request, render_template
import ipaddress
import re
import requests
import json
import os
# point to templates directory relative to home directory
template_dir = template_dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'templates')
app = Flask(__name__, template_folder=template_dir)
def get_asn_from_as(asn):
# Remove the "AS" from the beginning of the ASN
if asn.startswith("AS") or asn.startswith("as"):
asn = asn[2:]
asn = int(asn)
return asn
def get_more_specifics(data):
:param data: json data from RIPEstat API
:return: list of more specific prefixes and their origins
prefixes = []
origins = []
for prefix_origin in data["data"]["more_specifics"]:
return [prefixes, origins]
def get_prefix_roa_status(prefix, origin):
:param prefix: prefix to check
:param origin: origin ASN to check
:return: ROV status of the prefix based on RIPEstat ROA data
url = f"{origin}&prefix={prefix}"
response = requests.get(url)
data = json.loads(response.text)
data_str = json.dumps(data, indent=4)
# print(data_str)
validation_status = data["data"]["status"]
except KeyError:
return None
def get_prefix_info(prefix):
:param prefix: covering prefix to check for more specific prefixes
:return: list of more specific prefixes and their origins
url = "" + prefix
response = requests.get(url)
except requests.exceptions.RequestException:
return None
data = json.loads(response.text)
if "prefix" in data["data"]["last_seen"]:
seen_origin = data["data"]["last_seen"]["origin"]
more_specifics, more_specific_origins = get_more_specifics(data)
return [prefix, seen_origin, more_specifics, more_specific_origins]
except KeyError:
return None
def return_rov_status(roa_prefix, roa_maxlen, roa_asn, prefix, origin_asn):
""" given a prefix and an origin ASN, as well as a proposed ROA (prefix, maxlen, asn),
determine if the ROA covers the prefix and origin ASN
:param roa_prefix: prefix from the ROA
:param roa_maxlen: maximum length of the prefix from the ROA
:param roa_asn: ASN from the ROA
:param prefix: prefix from the routing table
:param origin_asn: origin ASN from the routing table
:return: ROV status of the prefix"""
roa_ip_prefix = ipaddress.ip_network(roa_prefix)
ip_prefix = ipaddress.ip_network(prefix)
if not ip_prefix.subnet_of(roa_ip_prefix):
return "error: prefix not covered by ROA"
if ip_prefix.subnet_of(roa_ip_prefix) and int(roa_maxlen) >= int(ip_prefix.prefixlen) and int(roa_asn) == int(origin_asn):
return "valid"
return "invalid"
def is_valid_prefix(prefix):
# Check if the prefix is a valid IPv4 or IPv6 prefix
# Try to parse the prefix as an IPv4 or IPv6 prefix
ip_network = ipaddress.ip_network(prefix)
return True
except ValueError:
return False
def is_valid_asn(asn):
# Check if the ASN is a string starting with "AS", followed by numbers or just a number
if asn.isdigit():
return True
if re.match(r'^[Aa][Ss]\d+$', asn):
return True
return False
def is_valid_prefix_maxlength(ip_prefix, prefix_maxlength):
""" check to see prefix_maxlength is a valid value for the prefix
:param ip_prefix: prefix to check
:param prefix_maxlength: maximum length of the prefix
:return: True if prefix_maxlength is valid, False otherwise
# Try to parse the prefix maxlength as an integer
prefix_maxlength = int(prefix_maxlength)
except ValueError:
return False
# Check if the prefix maxlength is in the valid range based on the type of ip_prefix
if ipaddress.ip_network(ip_prefix).version == 4:
return 1 <= prefix_maxlength <= 32 and prefix_maxlength >= ipaddress.ip_network(ip_prefix).prefixlen
elif ipaddress.ip_network(ip_prefix).version == 6:
return 1 <= prefix_maxlength <= 128 and prefix_maxlength >= ipaddress.ip_network(ip_prefix).prefixlen
def check_list_of_prefixes_against_ROA(origin, prefixes, origins, roa_prefix, roa_maxlen, roa_asn):
""" given a list of prefixes and their origins, check if the ROA covers them
:param origin: origin ASN
:param prefixes: list of prefixes
:param origins: list of origins
:param roa_prefix: prefix from the ROA
:param roa_maxlen: maximum length of the prefix from the ROA
:param roa_asn: ASN from the ROA
:return: list output lines to be displayed on the web page
messages = []
existing_roa_status = get_prefix_roa_status(roa_prefix, origin)
messages.append([roa_prefix, return_rov_status(roa_prefix, roa_maxlen, roa_asn, roa_prefix, origin), origin,
prefix_origin = zip(prefixes, origins)
for prefix, origin in prefix_origin:
existing_roa_status = get_prefix_roa_status(prefix, origin)
messages.append([prefix, return_rov_status(roa_prefix, roa_maxlen, roa_asn, prefix, origin), origin,
return messages
@app.route('/results', methods=['GET'])
def results():
""" process the form data and return the results """
if request.method == 'GET':
roa_ip_prefix = request.args.get('ip_prefix')
roa_ip_prefix = roa_ip_prefix.strip()
origin_asn = request.args.get('origin_asn')
origin_asn = origin_asn.strip()
origin_asn = get_asn_from_as(origin_asn)
roa_origin_asn = origin_asn
roa_prefix_maxlength = request.args.get('prefix_maxlength')
roa_prefix_maxlength = roa_prefix_maxlength.strip()
# Validate the IP prefix
if not is_valid_prefix(roa_ip_prefix):
return f"\"{roa_ip_prefix}\" is an Invalid IP prefix"
# Validate the origin ASN
if not is_valid_asn(origin_asn):
return f"\"{origin_asn}\" is an Invalid origin ASN"
# Validate the prefix maxlength
if not is_valid_prefix_maxlength(roa_ip_prefix, roa_prefix_maxlength):
return f"\"{roa_prefix_maxlength}\" is an Invalid prefix maxlength"
roa_prefix_maxlength = int(roa_prefix_maxlength)
prefix_info = get_prefix_info(roa_ip_prefix)
if prefix_info is None:
return "Prefix not found or problems with RIPEstat API"
prefix, seen_origin, more_specifics, more_specific_origins = prefix_info
items = check_list_of_prefixes_against_ROA(seen_origin, more_specifics, more_specific_origins, roa_ip_prefix,
roa_prefix_maxlength, roa_origin_asn)
roa_info = [roa_ip_prefix, roa_prefix_maxlength, roa_origin_asn]
return render_template('render.html', items=items, roa_info=roa_info)
return render_template('index.html')
@app.route('/', methods=['GET'])
def index():
return render_template('index.html')
if __name__ == '__main__':
print("new version - ssw"), host='')