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CodeQL Action

This action runs GitHub's industry-leading semantic code analysis engine, CodeQL, against a repository's source code to find security vulnerabilities. It then automatically uploads the results to GitHub so they can be displayed on pull requests and in the repository's security tab. CodeQL runs an extensible set of queries, which have been developed by the community and the GitHub Security Lab to find common vulnerabilities in your code.

For a list of recent changes, see the CodeQL Action's changelog.

:loudspeaker: Node 16 deprecation, upcoming CodeQL Action v3 :loudspeaker:

Announcement for users of this Action and code scanning workflows on

  • You will begin to see these warnings about Node.js 16 deprecation in your Actions logs on code scanning runs starting October 23, 2023.
  • All code scanning workflows should continue to succeed regardless of the warning.
  • The team at GitHub maintaining the CodeQL Action is aware of the deprecation timeline and actively working on creating another version of the CodeQL Action, v3, that will bump us to Node 20.

For more information, and to communicate with the maintaining team, please use this issue.


This project is released under the MIT License.

The underlying CodeQL CLI, used in this action, is licensed under the GitHub CodeQL Terms and Conditions. As such, this action may be used on open source projects hosted on GitHub, and on private repositories that are owned by an organisation with GitHub Advanced Security enabled.


We recommend using default setup to configure CodeQL analysis for your repository. For more information, see "Configuring default setup for code scanning."

You can also configure advanced setup for a repository to find security vulnerabilities in your code using a highly customizable code scanning configuration. For more information, see "Configuring advanced setup for code scanning" and "Customizing your advanced setup for code scanning."


Read about troubleshooting code scanning.


This project welcomes contributions. See for details on how to build, install, and contribute.


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