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COmanage Registry Docker

This repository contains Dockerfiles, documenation, and other files necessary to build and deploy a Dockerized version of COmanage Registry, as well as other infrastructure commonly deployed with COmanage Registry.

Since COmanage Registry is a web application that requires a relational database and an authentication mechanism such as Shibboleth, mod_auth_openidc, or just simple Basic Authentication, this repository includes multiple Dockerfiles to build images that use various combinations of tools.

Evaluate COmanage Registry

If you are new to COmanage Registry follow these instructions to build and run a simple deployment suitable for evaluating COmanage Registry.

Building Images

The following link to detailed instructions for building each individual image. See the next section for links to documentation on how to deploy the images as services.

Deploying Images and Running Services

Since COmanage Registry requires a relational database, and because it is often deployed with other tools like an LDAP directory, multiple images need to be simultanesouly instantiated as containers. Orchestrating multiple containers to create services is easiest using tools such as Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, or Kubernetes.

The images built from Dockerfiles in this repository may be used with any container orchestration platform but the documentation demonstrates how to deploy with Docker Swarm (the simple evaluation scenario above uses Docker Compose).

The following link to detailed instructions for a number of deployment scenarios.

All Documentation

Building Images

Deploying Services