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Grouper External Authentication Plugin

Grouper plugin that provides configurable authentication. Features include

  • Authentication for UI, without requiring a separate process or container

  • Supports SAML2, OIDC, and CAS


Grouper Version 4.x

For a fully integrated sample configuration, see the docker-compose setup in the src/test/docker folder of the Git repository. The environment includes sample Grouper configurations for SAML2, OIDC, or CAS, along with a Shibboleth IDP that can authenticate Grouper using any of these methods.
  1. Add plugin to Grouper image (latest versions can be downloaded from

    COPY grouper-authentication-plugin.jar /opt/grouper/plugins
  2. Enable Plugins

    In, add properties

    grouper.osgi.enable = true
    grouper.osgi.jar.dir = /opt/grouper/plugins
    grouperOsgiPlugin.0.jarName = grouper-authentication-plugin.jar

    grouper.osgi.jar.dir should point to the directory you copied the file to in your image build file

    grouperOsgiPlugin.0.jarName should be the name of the file you copied in

  3. Configure UI

    In `, add properties appropriate for desired authentication. Note that only one can be used.

    Most of the configuration for the underlying authentication library is exposed to the Grouper configuration. Any field in the Java classes can be directly set using the field name or a setter used by using a related property (setting attribute=value will call setAttribute(value) )

    1. SAML2

      For SAML2, for example: = true
      external.authentication.grouperContextUrl = https://grouper-ui.unicon.local/grouper
      external.authentication.provider = saml
      external.authentication.saml.identityProviderEntityId = https://idp-host-name/idp/shibboleth
      external.authentication.saml.serviceProviderEntityId = http://localhost:8080/grouper
      external.authentication.saml.serviceProviderMetadataPath = file:/opt/grouper/sp-metadata.xml
      external.authentication.saml.identityProviderMetadataPath = file:/opt/grouper/idp-metadata.xml
      external.authentication.saml.keystorePath = file:/opt/grouper/here.key
      external.authentication.saml.keystorePassword = testme
      external.authentication.saml.privateKeyPassword = testme
      external.authentication.saml.attributeAsId = urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.1
    2. OIDC

      For OIDC, for example: = true
      external.authentication.grouperContextUrl = https://grouper-ui.unicon.local/grouper
      external.authentication.provider = oidc
      external.authentication.oidc.clientId = *****
      external.authentication.oidc.discoveryURI = https://idp-host-name/.well-known/openid-configuration
      external.authentication.oidc.secret = *****
      external.authentication.oidc.claimAsUsername = preferred_username
    3. CAS

      For CAS, for example: = true
      external.authentication.grouperContextUrl = https://grouper-ui.unicon.local/grouper
      # Note for CAS: you'll need to make sure that the CAS server SSL certificate is available in the trust store
      external.authentication.provider = cas
      external.authentication.cas.prefixUrl = https://idp-host-name/idp/profile/cas
      external.authentication.cas.protocol = CAS20

Version 5.x+


More Information

If assistance is needed (e.g., bugs, errors, configuration samples), feel free to open a ticket in the github repository or ask on the Slack channel