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1.13.0 Release Notes

Charles Hasegawa edited this page Sep 12, 2022 · 1 revision

WARNING when upgrading to v1.13.x from versions 1.10.x and earlier...

Due to Open SAML library changes, min and max refresh values can no longer be "empty"/null by default in the database and must also be legal in conjunction with each other (ie min < max). The simplest upgrade path was therefore determined to be to reset these values for all entries in the database to match the default values the OpenSAML library uses of MIN = 1 minute, MAX = 4 hours.

BEFORE upgrading, please be sure to revisit your saved values and then reset as needed after your upgrade. The Shib-IDP-UI now requires that both fields have a valid, non-zero value. Please update any:

  • Filesystem Metadata Resolver
  • File Backed Http Metadata Resolver
  • Resource Backed Metadata Resolver

By using the SHIB-IDP-UI tool itself to ensure the settings are accepted and proper.


New Feature - Shibboleth 4.x properties are now available in the Shib-IDP-UI for configuration and export. Properties may be exported to a single override file, or to the separate files (separate files are the ones the properties originated from). Descriptions and notes included in the UI to help users configure new installations of Shibboleth


New Feature - Added scripting ability to import large amounts of SP Metadata Descriptors from files. Fixed minor issues with importing XML data around minor fields not supported in the UI Performance enhancement for the dashboard when a significant number of Metadata Descriptors live in Shib-IDP-UI


Additional configuration setups for testing have been created


IDP Logout now correctly supported. shibui.pac4j.postLogoutURL is now the correct property to use when configuring this feature


Version dates are now consistent in the display