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1.17.0 Release Notes

credman edited this page Mar 10, 2023 · 2 revisions

SHIBUI-2334 Scheduler continually tries to overwrite unchanged metadata

Installs with large numbers of metadata files have experienced problems with performance, as all the metadata would get written to the filesystem continuously. Improvements have been made to reduce needless writing:

  • Configuration property shibui.entityDescriptor.writeOnStartup (default true) can be set to false, which will avoid writing files on startup if it already exists
  • Regardless of the writeOnStartup value, don't write a file that has already been written, unless it is modified and saved.

Files that are missing in the filesystem will always be written on startup, and extraneous files will be deleted.

SHIBUI-2443 Filter sorting doesn't work after deleting a filter

  • Fixed issue with sorting filters