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1.15.2 Release Notes

Charles Hasegawa edited this page Nov 16, 2022 · 1 revision

WARNING when upgrading to v1.15.x from versions 1.10.x and earlier... Due to Open SAML library changes, min and max refresh values can no longer be "empty"/null by default in the database and must also be legal in conjunction with each other (ie min < max). The simplest upgrade path was therefore determined to be to reset these values for all entries in the database to match the default values the OpenSAML library uses of MIN = 1 minute, MAX = 4 hours.

BEFORE upgrading, please be sure to revisit your saved values and then reset as needed after your upgrade. The Shib-IDP-UI now requires that both fields have a valid, non-zero value. Please update any:

  • Filesystem Metadata Resolver
  • File Backed Http Metadata Resolver
  • Resource Backed Metadata Resolver

By using the SHIB-IDP-UI tool itself to ensure the settings are accepted and proper.


New Feature Allow an additional level of approval for metadata sources

Admin users can now define groups which can approve for other groups. As an admin, enter the Group administration screen and edit a group that will require approvals. Add the groups that can approve for the group being edited and save the changes.

All non-enabled metadata sources belonging to a group that requires approvals will now have to be approved before they can be enabled (with the exception of: ADMIN users can enable a source that has not been approved yet).

Users belonging to a group that approves for other groups with now have "Needs Action" items on their dashboard when a metadata source needs to be approved. Approvers can then view and edit the un-approved metadata source before approving (if needed). Once approved, the existing process for enabling the metadata source would resume.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fix Correctly allows access to the MDQ endpoint (previously the URL was requiring authentication to access the endpoint).

Bug Fix Fixed an issue with the version not properly being displayed in the footer

Bug Fix 1.15.2 Fixed a database issue updating from previous versions