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1.17.2 Release Notes

credman edited this page Apr 1, 2023 · 2 revisions

This release fixes issues that occurred when the app was running under a non-root servlet context (such as when property server.servlet.context-path was set to a URI path to the application).

SHIBUI-2552: Some api calls not working in non-root context

When setting server.servlet.context-path=/subdir, the application only partially worked, as it was not always constructing the URLs for internal api calls correctly. This has been resolved, so that all api calls should be utilizing the same servlet context for its URLs.

SHIBUI-2527: Metadata sources uploaded via API are not visible in the UI

This was caused by SHIBUI-2552 above. It was not directly related to a second host, and metadata sources and providers created on the same host would also fail to appear.